Over $80 Million

of Prime Federal

Government Service

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A family of Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) subsidiaries with shared experience, benefits, management, back-office support, and financial strength

the Wood River near Dillingham, Alaska

We are a group of experienced Federal Government contractors with prime contract experience

Wood River Federal’s companies are experienced prime contractors for multiple federal agencies. Our backoffice supports your on-site personnel with 15 years of experience and a DCAA-compliant accounting system.

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Wood River Federal provides Information Management (IM)/Information Technology (IT) support to a major DHA facility and all ancillary clinics.

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The wide range of services available through Wood River Federal’s family of companies gives your government agency the capacity to meet any challenge.

IT Support

Full-scale capabilities for cybersecurity, network and systems administration to infrastructure and helpdesk. Custom solutions approaches to meet government needs.


Large-scale transportation planning and unit movement. Vehicle, watercraft and specialty equipment maintenance and support.

Facilities Management

Real property planning and management specializing in DoD processes for cradle to grave asset management.

Staff Augmentation

Provide customer or corporate-site personnel in a wide range of disciplines for surge support or long-term extension of existing staff.

Supporting Alaskan Natives

Wood River Federal is a group of companies aligned under Choggiung Limited, an Alaskan Village Corporation formed under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA). Choggiung is headquartered in Dillingham, Alaska, and is the largest village corporation in the Bristol Bay region. Profit from Wood River Federal operations goes to support over 2,100 Alaskan Native shareholders.